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   - Hydrocortisone Acetate Cream
   - Dinosca Cough Syrup
   - Salbutamol Oral Solution
   - Nystatin Ointment
Hon Man Medicine ( Wing Lee ) Company is a wholesaler of pharmaceutical preparation, medical equipments, surgical items, pharmaceutical chemicals, laboratory reagents, etc. It is located in Kwai Chung,
    H.K. The convenient transportation network provides an easy access for goods to be exported to the world market. All products we provide are of promising quality which reach the China state standard at a reasonable price. We sincerely welcome import agent from all over the world, cooperating with us to expand the market
  Medical Equipments & Surgical Items
   - Surgical Mask - Disposal
   - Alcohol Preparation Pad - Disposal
   - Ear Thermometer
   - Ear Probe Cover

   Pharmaceutical Chemicals
   - 2-phenoxyethanol
   - Cestostearyl alcohol
   - Hydrogen peroxide 50%
   - 5-amino salicylic Acid
  Laboratory Reagents  
   - Lipoprotein A
   - IgE
   - Territin
   - CRP Calibrator 

  Herbal Extracts
   - Aloe extract
   - Ginger extract
   - Ginseng extract
   - Green tea extract

   Beauty Products
   - Slimming Jelly 1
   - Slimming Jelly 2
   - Caribbean Multi Pure Essential Oil
   - Aroma 100% Pure Massage Oi
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